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Loose change

Published Sep. 29, 2005

A SWEET START TO THE DAY: Here's proof consumers want cookies for breakfast: Retailers sell more than $70-million in Post's Oreo O's cereal a year.

WHOM CAN YOU TRUST? Even inmates are catching stock market fever. But some prisoners have found it's hard to find an honest broker behind bars. A civil complaint filed recently by the Massachusetts secretary of state accused a prisoner of defrauding other inmates, along with a woman in the Netherlands, of $85,000 in a securities scam.

NOTHING BUT NET FOR THEM: About 7.8-million U.S. households use the Internet for banking or bill payment.

INHERITANCE ASPIRATIONS: The majority of baby boomers between ages 50 and 53 expect inheritance to be a source of retirement income, according to Scudder Kemper Investments. But only about one-third consider it important to leave any money to their heirs.

ECONOMIC INDICATORS OF THE '90s: The New York Times asked economists about their favorite real-world economic indicators. Paul Krugman says TV commercials that are too funny are signs of "excessive optimism." Meredith Bagby watches the Starbucks Index: Is the latte getting weaker?

IF IT's GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM ...: US Airways chairman Stephen Wolf and chief executive Rakesh Gangwal are picking wines for the airline's "Envoy" class, the seats previously known as first and business classes for trans-Atlantic flights. Both execs, who made nearly $35-million each last year, are wine connoisseurs. Wolf maintains a 1,500-bottle wine cellar at his Virginia farm.

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