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Fox Sports anchor Keith Olbermann isn't letting up. After the Times printed excerpts of his June rant criticizing the team and several players, loyal Rays fan Celeste Miller wrote him to express her objections. Olbermann fired back a hand-written note, telling Miller not to "sink into fantasy and insults that make you seem like a child," and went on to say:

"The remarks you criticize me for making about (Rolando) Arrojo, (Wilson) Alvarez, et al, were made to me in confidence by people with your beloved team. I'm afraid the team isn't very good _ hopefully that will change _ but its management may be worse, and they are selling you false optimism."

Olbermann added: "Apparently my comments on the team did not inspire as much anger as you and the local newspaper (and apparently the team) expected. I have received your fax, and one letter."

Those addresses again: mail _ Fox Sports News, 10201 W Pico Blvd., Building 101, Los Angeles, CA 90035; fax _ (310) 969-6192; e-mail _

RHP Mickey Callaway was back in the minors during the first round of rookie initiation, but he got his last week _ a tight, black flowered dress to wear on the long flight home from Seattle. "I just hope it fits," Callaway said before pulling it on and modeling through the clubhouse. Said one teammate: "You look better than some girls do in that."

Interested in sign language? Third-base coach Greg Riddoch will explain the use of signs and signals during a talk at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday at the Mirror Lake branch library (280 Fifth St. N in downtown St. Petersburg). Riddoch's basic rule to giving signs? "Make sure they're simple so people don't miss them," he said. "It's just another form of communication, non-verbal communication." The key, Riddoch said, is in the deception: "About 95 percent of the signs I give are fake."


GM Chuck LaMar said the Rays didn't make a trade the week beforethe July 31 deadline because he thought they were better off with what they had than what they were offered. He made a point to say, "You're not going to hear from other major-league clubs that the Devil Rays asked for too much." But that didn't stop some media experts from weighing in on LaMar's methodology:

Bob Nightengale, writing in Baseball Weekly: "Tampa Bay general manager Chuck LaMar held on to his players like they were the '27 Yankees, failing to deal away closer Roberto Hernandez, starter Rolando Arrojo, and first baseman Fred McGriff, despite dozens of offers."

Jon Heyman, writing in Newsday: "Big-league execs are scratching their heads about the Pirates' decision to trade talented outfielder Jose Guillen to Tampa Bay for aging catcher Joe Oliver and Class A catcher Humberto Cota ("The kid can throw but he can't catch a lick," one GM said.) Some GMs say Tampa Bay GM Chuck LaMar frequently asks for one-sided deals. Well, it looks as if somebody accepted one. Before taking almost nothing from Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh was offering Guillen to Boston for its top young pitcher, Brian Rose."

Murray Chass, writing in the New York Times: "Baseball has an adage that the best trades sometimes are the ones you don't make, but (Saturday) there was a question why some teams didn't make seemingly obvious moves with certain players. Why, for example, didn't Tampa Bay trade Fred McGriff, or even Roberto Hernandez, their expensive, sought-after closer?"

Carroll Rogers, writing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "(Braves GM John) Schuerholz had gone after some bigger bats - Fred McGriff and Will Clark - but both would have come at too high a cost."



(through Friday)


1999 45-65 5 22{ 535 651 108 21,117

1998 43-67 5 38 406 518 76 31,999

OR-Opponents runs/AHA-Average home attendance


Player Injury Exp. return

Wilson Alvarez, LHP left triceps today

Miguel Cairo, 2B left hamstring Tuesday

Jose Canseco, DH back surgery Sept. 1

Rick Gorecki, RHP shoulder uncertain

Cory Lidle, RHP elbow uncertain

Quinton McCracken, OF knee 2000

Jim Mecir, RHP elbow September

Herb Perry, INF muscle strain late August

Tony Saunders, LHP broken arm 2000

Kevin Stocker, SS sore knee mid-August


Day S M T W T F S Tot

TB 6 0 2 7 - 4 10 29

Opp 10 4 5 1 - 2 15 37


"If she's going to rely on me stealing bases, we're going to go hungry."

_ OF/1B PAUL SORRENTO, asked if his first stolen base of the season was in honor of newborn daughter Arabella


36: Consecutive innings that passed last week without the Rays holding a lead.

39: Players used by the Rays this season.

64.4: Percentage of victories saved by Roberto Hernandez (29 of 45), highest in the majors.