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"Renourishment' is ruining beaches

The current beach "renourishment" project at Indian Shores and Redington Beach is an appallingly misguided effort. The dirty, rock- and sharp-shell-laden sand is destroying the appeal and spoiling the pleasure of using these beaches.

The choice to suck sand from the mouth of Tampa Bay and deposit it on these beaches was a gross error. Certainly a more suitable source for sand could be found. The fact that this environmental disaster is being allowed to continue is beyond understanding. Doesn't anyone care?

The proposal to "clean up" the mess in September prompts one to recall that old refrain, "Seems to me I've heard that song before."

James W. Kiehl, Largo

Young party planner's

kindness is applauded

Re: Ten-year-old plans a party with a distinct twist, July 28.

In today's society, we seem to hear about the next generation being out of control and worthless. What a breath of fresh air it was to hear about Gabrielle Thompson's compassion and thoughtfulness toward her fellow man. It is remarkable to see that a 10-year-old child who should be enjoying her summer vacation would instead organize her friends and contribute to the community.

I truly admire what she has done and encourage her in all of her endeavors. She is one who will indeed go far in life! I hope this will encourage others to follow in her footsteps. Keep up the great work!

Barb Morlack, St. Petersburg