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State will treat Lake Rousseau weeds

The Department of Environmental Protection will conduct aquatic weed control operations in Lake Rousseau using EPA-approved herbicides Aug. 16-20. Water hyacinth and water lettuce will be treated using the herbicide Reward. Boat trails will be maintained using the herbicides Aquathol K, 2, 4-D and Rodeo.

People using these areas of Lake Rousseau for domestic purposes or for irrigation are cautioned that treated water should not be used for five days in Reward-treated areas, 14 days in Aquathol-treated areas and 21 days in areas treated with 2, 4-D.

In Aquathol-treated areas, do not use fish for food or feed for three days. No livestock watering for one day in Reward-treated areas. Water should not be used for drinking (does not apply to tap water) for two days in Reward-treated areas. There are no restrictions in Rodeo-treated areas.

Signs displaying treatment dates and restrictions will be posted. Scheduled treatments may be canceled due to environmental conditions. The management and treatment of nuisance exotic vegetation is necessary to maintain recreational activities and protect native plant populations.

Call Terry Sullivan at 726-8622.

Veterans needed for school program

The Veterans Appreciation Week Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee will have its annual Veterans in the Classroom program Nov. 1 through 12 as part of its seventh annual Veterans Appreciation Week activities.

The Veterans in the Classroom program brings living history to the classrooms of Citrus' public and private schools with veterans sharing their firsthand military experiences in the service of our country during peace and war.

Last year, the program gave 126 classroom presentations with the county's home-schooled group and 23 of 24 public and private schools participating.

The program's success has generated the need for more veterans to participate.

This year's Veterans Appreciation Week theme is "A Salute To America's Women Veterans." Female veterans are urged to participate in the Veterans in the Classroom program.

Interested veterans should call co-chairman Curt Ebitz at 382-3847.