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Woman's struggle shows injustice at heart of our legal system

Editor: Re: Victim still waiting for closure, July 18 Citrus Times:

I read the article concerning Amy Virgo. It is very plain that one law exists for the wealthy (the good old boys), and there is another law for the rest of us mere mortals.

Ms. Virgo did everything that was required by law and received a federal judgment of $421,000 by a higher court. Why can't she collect? Instead, she must continue to fight in court for collection.

The good old boy goes on with his life, hiding assets, and basically thumbs his nose at the federal government. If you or I owed the federal government we probably would be prosecuted and sent to jail.

There have been other awards of judgments in sexual harassment cases. Have these women received their monies? Why doesn't Congress empower the EEOC with the power, not only with the right to sue, but allow the EEOC to carry these cases to closure (payment)?

What this young woman has had to go through is unbelieveable. Would you want to be required by law to keep going to court time and again, year after year, and get nothing? We should applaud Ms. Virgo. She is speaking for all of us. Justice should prevail.

Jeannie Santini


Parkway should be left up to the voters

Editor: I've been reading the articles and have attended the meetings on the proposed Suncoast Parkway through Citrus County. I feel it will do more harm than good.

We moved here in 1968, when we enjoyed the quiet peace of the country. At that time Citrus County was known as the "Last Frontier." Where has it all gone? We are supposed to be the Nature Coast, but if we keep on there won't be any nature left.

I feel this parkway will destroy what little peace and quiet we have left, along with the habitat that belongs to the wildlife. It will destroy life as we know it now, because along with the parkway will come more building and more crime.

I feel the people of Citrus County should have the last say on this matter by putting it to a vote. It's not fair for the politicians and the state Department of Transportation to shove this parkway down our throats.

E. Stonesifer


Bravo to true savior of community

Editor: Re: Drama program saved in last act by local director, Aug. 5 Citrus Times:

How fortunate for the students of Citrus High School to be able to continue with drama classes. Thanks to Judy Poplawski, they will get the best training.

"Playing" with Judy at Playhouse 19, I've come to know and respect her and the methods she employs. Make no mistake, she is one tough lady with a full schedule. There is no one else in Citrus County with the qualifications, experience or love of theater who can fill the needs of the children, her first love, with the education she has.

To volunteer her services to benefit these kids comes as no surprise. After reading the article in the Chronicle on Aug. 4, even with no mention of a name of the volunteer, I knew instinctively it could only be her.

I give her a standing ovation to help these teenagers to keep their desires and dreams going. These kids should get graduation credits due them upon completion of their classes, for the time and energy put into it. They should not be penalized because of budget cuts.

Bravo, Judy, for stepping in and giving of yourself and aiding the needs of others.

Dolores Elwood

Beverly Hills