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Inverness may (or may not) remain home of School Board

There wasn't a space to be found Thursday morning in the parking lot at the school District Services Center. Food Service workers had packed the building for an orientation session.

The overflow crowd prompted Superintendent Pete Kelly to note to a visiting journalist how cramped the building gets when these sessions occur. The editor jokingly suggested that the solution might be for the School Board to move its offices to Lecanto, where there is plenty of room for expansion.

Kelly, and board Chairwoman Patience Nave, nearly choked.

"That's your idea, not mine!" Kelly blurted out. "Make sure you point out that that was Greg Hamilton saying that, not the School Board," Nave added.

For the record, neither Kelly nor Nave broached the subject of the board moving its offices from Inverness to Lecanto.

Of course, they didn't deny it either . . .