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"This is one case where we don't want to keep up with the Joneses."

- Tampa City Council member Bob Buckhorn, reacting to a proposal to increase the parking fees at Al Lopez Park for Bucs games. Buckhorn advised against the increase, arguing that the city shouldn't follow the lead of Bucs officials, who doubled the rates last year on the parking lots they control.

"It's a very bizarre time in Ybor City."

- Ybor City business owner Peter Nason, commenting on the six businesses that have closed in Ybor in the past two months. Merchants site a variety of reasons, including a parking crunch and rowdy bar patrons who keep customers from visiting the area at night.

"He was soaked, and he was red as a tomato."

- Bar patron Sharon Scott, who rescued a 5-month-old from a car left in the hot sun at a St. Petersburg lounge. The father had gone into the lounge for a drink. The baby was treated at a hospital, and later released to a relative.

"Right now it's an industrial area. But we think it will be a destination spot."

- Charlie Funk, an investor who plans to develop a $5 million marina project south of the Gandy Bridge with out-of-water boat storage and a dockside bar and restaurant.

"I will regret this for the rest of my life."

- Jason Rohlfs, one of two men convicted of drugging a woman and then taking lewd photographs while she was passed out. After apologizing to the victim, Rohlfs was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison.

"This is a very egregious and extraordinary incident of road rage."

- Clearwater police Lt. Steve Burch, talking about the arrest of Philippe Leguichard on charges he fired a semi-automatic handgun at the drivers of two cars that impeded his morning commute on the Courtney Campbell Parkway. Both drivers escaped injury.

"We're aiming for a style that is sophisticated, suave. It will be aggressive visually, with a kaleidocopic, lava-lamp look."

- Band director Sid Haton, talking about what fans can expect to see when the university's first-ever marching band steps onto the football field to perform at half-time.