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Question: In the TV series Hotel, which was on many years ago with James Brolin, who was the woman who owned the hotel before Connie Sellecca? Was she married in real life to Michael Ansara?

Answer: Actor Anne Baxter (All About Eve) played Hotel's Victoria Cabot from 1983 midway through the 1985-86 season. Her death in December 1985 prompted the death of her on-screen character, who willed the hotel to Brolin's Peter McDermott. Sellecca's character, Christine Francis, was promoted to general manager after Mrs. Cabot's death.

In real life, Baxter was married three times but never to actor Michael Ansara (TV's Broken Arrow). He was wed for a time to actor Barbara Eden.

Question: After all the publicity surrounding the decision by ABC to put Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America, has the show's ratings improved or not?

Answer: According to a recent ABC ratings report, after 27 weeks with co-anchors Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson, GMA has posted increases of 23 percent in total viewers, 26 percent in adults 18 to 49 and 25 percent in adults 25 to 54. This compares quite favorably with the same period last year.

So, yes, the decision to bring Sawyer in and Gibson back has proven to be a ratings winner for the show.

Question: Is it true that Garry Marshal may make a new version of Laverne and Shirley with men playing the leads? If so, would the men be playing the characters as women or what?

Answer: Garry Marshall was asked if he would remake Laverne and Shirley as a show featuring men, not with men playing female roles. (The series starred Garry's sister, Penny Marshall, now a successful director, and Cindy Williams.) In other words, the remake could be called Larry and Shirley. (Don't scoff. Shirley was originally a male name.) Marshall said he had no plans for a remake of any sort but told his interviewer that he had given him something to think about.

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