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More vandalism reported at country club pool

Deck furniture and a barbecue grill were found in the pool Monday at the Heather Golf and Country Club.

Space was limited for morning swimmers at the Heather Golf and Country Club on Monday.

Sometime overnight Sunday, vandals hopped the fence and threw every piece of deck furniture into the pool.

The final tally included 17 round patio tables, six large umbrellas, two oblong tables, eight chaise longues, eight patio chairs, one wooden picnic table, three garbage cans, several milk jugs, two pebble rock tubs and a barbecue grill and its propane tank.

"There are a lot of angry people who would like to get their hands on the people who did this," said Barbara Dohm, the club's swimming and tennis liaison.

Dohm is convinced more than one person was involved. She said the picnic table was much too heavy for one person to move. It appeared the pool vandals went for a swim beforehand. Socks were found in the pool with the other items, she said.

The vandals also turned off the electricity and turned on the water hose, which ran all night until discovered in the morning.

The subdivision has a roving security patrol that passes the swimming pool six or seven times a night, Dohm said. The guard did not notice anything unusual.

Many of the chairs and tables were salvaged, Dohm said. The grill and rock tubs were damaged. The pebbles and sand from the tubs had to be vacuumed off the bottom of the pool.

Dohm estimated the total cost of the cleanup and replacement of the damaged items would be more than $500. The pool was open Tuesday.

"I wouldn't have believed it, but stuff like this has happened before," Dohm said.

In the past, vandals have driven on the golf course and destroyed golf carts.

In November, patio chairs, coffee grounds, artificial sweetener and two bars of soap were thrown into the pool. A member of the homeowners association also found human feces in the pool and in the women's changing room, according to a Hernando County sheriff's report. The vandals also cut a patio screen and discharged a fire extinguisher in the clubhouse.

Anyone who has information about the recent incident is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 754-6830 or the anonymous tips line at 797-8477.