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TREASURY AUCTION: Yields on 10-year Treasury notes rose in Wednesday's auction. The yield was 6.085 percent, up from 5.510 percent at the last auction on May 12. The notes will carry a coupon interest rate of 6 percent. A total of $12-billion in notes were sold out of bids totaling $24.8-billion.

Earnings Sunbeam Corp.

The small appliances manufacturer had its sixth straight quarterly loss in the period ended June 30, mainly because of higher interest costs from financing three acquisitions last year. Also, chairman Jerry Levin continues to wrestle with excess inventories of the Boca Raton company's goods at retailers. The inventory problem was caused by his predecessor, Albert Dunlap, who was ousted from Sunbeam a year ago for allegedly overstating company results.

2ndQtr Year Ago

Revenue $660.9-mil $578.5-mil

Net Income -$46.9-mil -$344.1-mil

Per Share 47 cents -$3.41

Echelon International


The St. Petersburg company's revenues were up for the quarter ended June 30, but its earnings fell as it continued to shift its focus to its core real estate business. Echelon is getting less revenue from its aircraft and real estate lending businesses this year, and it has less investment income because it has converted holdings to cash for real estate development.

2ndQtr Year Ago

Revenue $12.8-mil $9.1-mil

Net Income $1.7-mil $2.9-mil

Per Share 25 cents 41 cents

Federated Department

Stores Inc.

Earnings rose 28 percent in the quarter ended July 31 as sales increased in virtually all merchandise categories nationwide. The Cincinnati retailer operates more than 400 department stores in 33 states under the names Burdines, Bloomingdale's, The Bon Marche, Goldsmith's, Lazarus, Macy's, Rich's and Stern's.

2ndQtr Year Ago

Revenue $4.11-bil $3.52-bil

Net Income $137-mil $107-mil

Per Share 61 cents 47 cents