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It had to happen. We have been experiencing some of the best red and gag summertime grouper fishing that I can remember. Martin Desilet had one of those days last week and we expected the same with another set of grandchildren this week.

Fishing the same 70- to 90-foot depths and even some of the same GPS numbers as last week, we brought in few fish. Noon was approaching and my task was to produce enough fish for the annual Desilet family fish fry.

Checking by radio with other boats revealed the same lack of grouper bites. We blamed it on too much tide, lack of tide, falling barometer, rising barometer, too much wind, not enough wind, etc.

Captain Larry Hoffman on the Enterprise Captain Larry Hoffman on the Enterprise reported that he was having a great day. He had been chartered by a couple with young children who just wanted some activity for the kids. He started using light tackle, 1/0 hooks, 2-ounce sinkers and pieces of squid and sardine. The smaller reef fish, which include grunts, triggerfish, yellowtail, vermillion and Lane snapper, were "chewing."

It did not take me long to switch to similar rigs and we began to experience the same non-stop action. Marty had as good a time as he had last week even though we were catching much smaller fish. I produced some of the finest table fare for the fish fry that you can get.

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