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Crash victim was an Indiana visitor newly hired as teacher

A woman killed Tuesday in a collision involving a stolen car was from Indiana and had just signed a teaching contract at a Polk County school.

Colleen M. Stevens, 25, of Muncie, Ind., and her father William "Al" Currens, 70, of Fort Myers, died when two men fleeing police in a stolen car crashed head-on into their car on a heavily traveled road near Winter Haven, authorities said.

The men, Aaron Lamar Brown, 20, and Benjamin Ray Smith, 17, were caught as they ran from the scene and were charged with manslaughter and auto theft.

Boone Middle School principal Jane McTeer said Stevens, the mother of an infant and a 15-month-old boy, signed a contract Tuesday to teach girls' physical education at the Haines City school. Only a few forms remained to be filled out at the School Board's offices in Bartow. She and her father were headed to Bartow, through Winter Haven, when the accident occurred.

Stevens "wanted to be close to us," said her mother, Jeannine Currens.

The Currenses moved to Fort Myers three years ago from Indiana after Al Currens retired.

_ The Associated Press contributed to this report.