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Deputies search for elderly man missing in east Pasco area

The 76-year-old man's daughter says she last saw him Monday night. Deputies and firefighters found his car engulfed in flames early Wednesday.

Nodya Boyko knew something was terribly wrong when she walked into her 76-year-old father's house Tuesday night and saw his belongings strewn all over the place.

Now, after learning that his car was found on a remote road in Lacoochee early Wednesday, charred black from fire, she fears he has been kidnapped or, worse, killed.

"Where else would he be?" she said Wednesday afternoon. "If he was anywhere where he could get to a phone, he would have called me."

Daniel Max Boyko, 37229 Trilby Road, was still missing late Wednesday. A Pasco County Sheriff's Office spokesman called Boyko's disappearance suspicious, but cautioned against jumping to any dire conclusions.

"He's missing. His car's burnt. It's suspicious," said the spokesman, Kevin Doll.

"Right now, there's no evidence that he's been killed," Doll added. "Right now, it's a missing person case."

When Nodya Boyko drove past her father's house Tuesday morning on her way to work in Tampa, she noticed his car was gone, she told the Times on Wednesday. "I wondered what was going on," she said, but decided to report to her job and check on him later.

She returned about 7 p.m. and found the inside of the house ransacked, she said. Papers were strewn about the floor. Clothes were everywhere, including the blue jeans and the boots he wore when last she saw him Monday night.

"They obviously took him out in his undershorts," she said.

Breaking into sobs, she said: "He's a little old man. I don't know where he is."

She told detectives that her father was on medication and was known to drink heavily, reports said.

About 12:15 a.m. Wednesday, firefighters and deputies found Daniel Boyko's 1995 blue Plymouth Neon engulfed in flames on Chantman Street in Lacoochee.

Doll said there was no evidence that Boyko's body was burned in the fire.

Boyko's neighbors on Trilby Road said they saw nothing suspicious around his house Monday or Tuesday.

Marie Carpenter, 61, said she's known Boyko since he taught her to play poker when she was 5. She said the longtime Trilby resident is "very friendly," but tends to keep to himself.

A few years ago, she said, the house in which Boyko lived burned to the ground.

Anyone with information can call the Sheriff's Office at (800) 854-2862.

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