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Gun laws not solution to violence, Bush says

Florida doesn't need more gun control laws, Gov. Jeb Bush said Wednesday in the wake of the nation's latest multiple shooting. He called for "more profound" ways of reducing violence.

"You can prevent these things from happening if we deal with the hollowness of the heart," Bush said, adding that it would be "one-dimensional to suggest that gun laws are going to deal with this."

A gunman sprayed the lobby of a Los Angeles Jewish Community Center on Tuesday morning, wounding two women and three little boys. That followed an office shooting that killed three in Alabama last week and an office shooting in Atlanta the week before that left nine dead.

Besides enforcing current gun laws, Floridians need to work on the "cultural elements" of the violence, Bush said.

Families are a key part of that answer, the governor said as he kicked off a campaign by a private group, Family First, to get parents to spend an hour each week one-on-one with their children.

If mothers and fathers aren't involved with their children, "there's no way that we'll ever be able to respond and to react to all of these things," said Bush, the father of three children ranging in age from 15 to 22.

Bush said he thought tough penalties, such as Florida's new "10-20-Life" law that increases mandatory prison terms for people who commit crimes using guns, would have a "longer-term effect on gun violence than any other political idea I've heard out there."