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Last teams eliminated

The Seminole and District 12 teams were both defeated Wednesday and finished third in the Southern Regional softball tournaments.

Seminole lost to Jones County, Ga., 5-3 in the Junior division after leading 3-0 in the second inning.

Seminole gave up three runs on a triple in the top of the fourth inning to fall behind 5-3.

Manager Rob Hasson said he was pleased with the team's effort despite the loss.

"The girls did a great job getting this far. They did a great job all year. Unfortunately, we just let them get away from us for a little bit there."

District 12 left 12 runners on base and lost to host Jeffersontown 2-0 in the Senior division. In the first inning, three runners reached. One was picked off, and the others were stranded.

"In the first inning, we should have capitalized," District 12 manager Joe Jayne said.

"I expected to go a lot further. I thought this team could get out of the Southern Regional."