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Quote of the day

"I'll miss Horace (Grant). I'll miss Nick (Anderson). I can't figure out yet if I'll miss Penny (Hardaway)."


Orlando Magic owner on the impact of recent trades the NBA team has made

Question of

the day

New York has hosted more World Series than any other city. Which is second?


St. Louis.

Find a match, lose one

Alexandra Stevenson lost her first-round match to Anke Huber at the Acura Classic in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on Tuesday night, but the weekend wasn't a total loss.

Stevenson, 18, found time before the match to go out to dinner with Collin Smith, a 24-year-old beach volleyball player she met while she was playing in the Pan American Games in Canada.

"It was really fun. It was the most chaperoned date I've ever been on," said Stevenson, who was accompanied by her mother, Samantha, her coach and others.

She burst into laughter when asked if she got a kiss on her date.

"No," she said. "I got a hug."


Did I say that?

In his 1998 book Finding the Winning Edge, San Francisco 49er personnel boss Bill Walsh wrote, "While a new lease on life or being reborn is theoretically possible, it is foolish for a team to acquire a free agent whose circumstances are contemptible _ regardless of how well he performs on the field."

Walsh recently signed running back Lawrence Phillips.

"I feel like George Bush saying, "Read my lips. No new taxes,' " Walsh said when reminded of his words. "But times changed, he's changed, and we have a need."

_ Compiled by Jim Webster.

Alexandra Stevenson lost her match to Anke Huber after a night on the town.