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Question: Back in the early '70s there was a sitcom called We'll Get By, or Getting By, with Mitzi Hoag. Did Adam Arkin of Chicago Hope fame play her son on the show?

Answer: No. The two teenage sons in We'll Get By were played by Jerry Houser (The Brady Brides) and Willie Aames (Charles in Charge). The series, created by Alan Alda, was on the air for three months in the spring of 1975, with Hoag and Paul Sorvino as the Platt parents. Adam Arkin was on TV in 1975, though, guest-starring on TV shows such as Happy Days, Harry O and Barney Miller. He got his first regular series role in 1977's Busting Loose.

Question: Is it true that Stephen Tompkinson, who played Father Peter on the BBC TV series Ballykissangel, died?

Answer: The 33-year-old British actor is filming episodes of the TV series Grafters and will be starting on Ted and Alice in September, according to his official Web site.

You can visit it at, and write to him in care of Barry Brown and Partner, 47 West Square, London, England, SE11 4SP.

Another cast member of Ballykissangel, the actor Birdy Sweeney, died in March at age 68. He portrayed Eamon Byrne on the show, and also appeared in the films The Crying Game and Moll Flanders.

Question: Where can I write to Ralph Emery of The Nashville Network?

Answer: Write to Emery in care of TNN, 2806 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214. Emery, 66, hosted Nashville Now from 1983 to 1993 and produces a series of occasional specials titled Ralph Emery on the Record. His third book, The View from Nashville, was released last fall.

Question: I was surprised to hear someone refer to Christopher Reeve as a Canadian. I understood that he was born and raised in New Jersey.

Answer: Actually, Reeve was born in New York City, but lived in New Jersey. I don't know where the Canadian reference comes from. I understand he has some relatives in Canada.

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