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Writing to your representatives can help Virgo

Editor: Re: Victim still waiting for closure, July 18, Citrus Times:

After reading the article and the letters concerning Amy Virgo, it seems we citizens of Citrus County can do something.

What? If you agree, as I do, please write your senators and Congresswoman Karen Thurman. The representatives have been elected by the people to help their constituents. Here is a woman who needs their help.

It is time to put a stop to the misuse of our court system by those who do so, as this Mr. Hardaway has done.

The article opened my eyes to the appalling situation existing in our U.S. court system and how changes need to be made. Mr. "Good Ol' Boy" goes on with his life, and this woman is still being the victim so many years after the fact. Where is justice? Do you know?

Please write with your opinion. I would like to hear others. Also, thanks to the St. Petersburg Times for bringing this to our attention.

Rhoda Counts

Crystal River

A word of thanks for

soccer tryout coverage

Editor: Please accept thanks from the players, coaches and parents of the Citrus United Under-13 Competitive Soccer Team for the coverage in the Citrus Times on July 28 and subsequent dates. Our tryouts went very well. Even though only four boys attended the first tryout, a much larger group has attended subsequent tryouts, and it appears we will once again be able to field a very competitive team to represent Citrus County.

I was very pleased when photographer Michael Weimar came to the first tryout and spent more than an hour with us. He is a very pleasant young man and patiently answered the boys' many questions about his job and photo equipment.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season and will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks again.

Bob Hoki, coach

Citrus United Under-13

Competitive Soccer Team