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Gulfport woman died after fall, not beating

At first, it looked like Roberta Dobshaw-Hoard had been beaten to death. But police now think the 54-year-old woman died two weeks ago after she fell and hit her head.

Dobshaw-Hoard died in the hospital July 31 after neighbors found her unconscious the previous day inside her home at 5626 13th Ave. S. Neighbors said she was severely bruised and had knots on her head and blood on her nose and on her right arm and knee.

"It definitely looked like she was beaten," said next-door neighbor Karin Wills.

However, police say Dobshaw-Hoard had a medical condition that caused her to bruise easily. And she had fallen inside her home on more than one occasion, said Gulfport police Lt. Larry Tosi Jr.

Police had originally considered her death suspicious, but they decided it was an accident after an autopsy and medical tests were done by the Medical Examiner's Office. Investigators think Dobshaw-Hoard died because of a fall that inflicted a severe head injury.