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Published Sep. 29, 2005

"The first day of practice we were in pads, I was thinking, "What in the world am I doing here?' I soon realized why they decided to televise our first two games this season. They want to get rid of violence on TV."


New University of South Carolina football coach

Question of the day

Who was the first college basketball coach to win 100 games at three schools?


Frank McGuire, at St. John's, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Heyward over retirement

It's been almost a year since Craig Heyward's NFL career came to an end because of a tumor in his right eye, and he said he has moved on.

"I don't miss it. It's too damn hot. And the hotter it gets, the less I miss it," Heyward said.

Only tiny remnants of the tumor are left, and they appear to be dormant. He still is blind in his right eye.

"I went through a funk _ "Why me? Why me?' _ a little depression, stuff like that. I stayed in the house, didn't go outside, slept, didn't do anything," he told the Indianapolis Star by telephone from his home in suburban Atlanta. "But then we started to go to church and, slowly but surely, it's lifted my spirits up.

"I played 11 years," he added. "Most athletes don't play that long in the NFL. I'm at peace with it. I've come to terms with it."


Bogeyman's hole eliminated

Some golfers say the 13th hole at Somerset Golf Club in Fredericksburg, Va., is cursed.

David Swales, the course's management consultant, was walking across the green in April when a ball hit him on the head. "There was nobody else on the golf course that I could see," Swales said. "It was pretty weird."

To accommodate people afraid of the number, a paper 14 was taped over the 13 on a sign near the tee. The succeeding holes have been renumbered so golfers now play through the 19th hole. To commemorate the change, the course planned a Triskaidekaphobia Open today.

"Nobody has come up and said it's stupid," head pro Don Kramer said.


_ Compiled by John Kotsch.