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Suits filed

(Filings for 06/21/99 to 06/25/99)

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Dennis C. Fuller, unknown spouse of Dennis C. Fuller, John Doe and Mary Doe (foreclosure).

Mercedes Benz Credit Corp. vs. Raymond J. Engelhardt (contract and indebt).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Kathleen Evans, Wayne M. Evans, Regions Bank and unknown person in possession (foreclosure).

Providian National Bank vs. Quentin D. Miller (foreclosure).

Bankers Trust Co. of California as trustee vs. Terry L. McKee, Cynthia L. McKee, John Doe unknown tenant and Jane Doe unknown tenant (foreclosure).

Maurine Barnett and Vivian Heisserer vs. Beverly Enterprises Florida Inc., Beverly Gulf Coast Florida Inc. and Eastbrooke Health Care Center (auto negligence).

Amresco Residential Mortgage Corp. vs. Fred P. Hanson, unknown spouse of Fred P. Hanson, unknown tenant No.1, unknown tenant No.2 and River Country Estate Owners Association Inc. (foreclosure).

Raellan Bryant Morris vs. Michael Anthony Lopez (child support).

Dorothy Darragh vs. William Dillenschneider (child support).

Deborah Gail Stretch vs. David Patrick Hayden (child support).

Bankers Trust Co. California as Trustee vs. Robin Mulcahy, unknown spouse of Robin Mulcahy, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (foreclosure).

Conti Mortgage Corp. vs. Chere Slayton, Paul E. Slayton, tenant No.1, tenant No.2, tenant No.3 and tenant No.4 (foreclosure).

Dawn Cook vs. Robert S. Vamos (paternity).

Artemis Hix vs. David D. Hix (child support).

Vickie Goyette vs. Roger R. Goyette (child support).

Pamela A. Johnson vs. Byron E. Arrington (paternity).

Angela R. Nixon vs. Fred J. Scrivens (paternity).

Margarita Tirado vs. Carmelo Sanchez (child support).

Angela S. Gregory vs. Todd Timmerman (child support).

Deborah Janowski vs. Karen Turner (child support).

Dawn M. Nutter vs. James P. Coyle (paternity).

Autumn L. Akins vs. Craig M. Suggs (support).

Julie Shere vs. Virgil E. David (child support).

Elvis Burse vs. Rosemary N. Burse (child support).

Lisa M. Batten vs. Steven Maura (paternity).

Sho-Me Packaging Inc. vs. Christopher Reckner (replevin).

First Union National Bank of North Carolina and First National Bank vs. Thomas Lobianco, Cathy Lobianco, Roger Evans, Associates Home Equity Services Inc., Ford Consumer Finance Co. Inc. and unknown tenants/owners (foreclosure).

Carolyn L. Pharis and Carolyn L. Vagnini vs. Clayton A. Vagnini (other).

Frank M. Casey and Barbara D. Casey vs. Michael K. Diermeier (other).

Robert C. Burr vs. Tew Zinber Barnes Immet and Unice (notice of appeal).

WMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Joel E. McDowell, Karen A. McDowell, Jane Doe and John Doe (foreclosure).

Melissa Delane Railey vs. Jason Richard Sarafin (paternity).

Lisa L. Dungey and Jeff Dungey vs. Richard B. Hanshaw (auto negligence).


Cendant Mortgage Corp. vs. Frank Kozlowski, Frank M. Kozlowski, Robin Kozlowski, Robin K. Kozlowski, unknown parties, tenant No. 1, tenant No. 2, tenant No. 3 and tenant No. 4 (foreclosure).


Jan M. Kenngott vs. Scott R. Morel (child support).

Jennifer L. Dean vs. Daniel Eicholtz (child support).

Latanza T. Scrivens vs. Lenwood Smith (child support).

Naomi Strong vs. Rickey R. Clayton (child support).

Marife Z. Landburg vs. Jermaine Z. Green (child support).

Marife Z. Landburg vs. Jermaine Z. Green (paternity).

Joan M. Smith vs. Carol S. Weeks (child support).

Dolores Cesani vs. George L. Yeager (support).

Petitte M. Badger vs. Elbert P. Hall, Sr. (child support).

State of Florida Foster Care On Behalf Of Aimee vs. Robert L. Diestro (child support).

Melissa A. Glover vs. Jerry W. Morton (child support).

Mary B. Burnside vs. Matthew C. Burnside (child support).

Christal G. Shannon vs. Terry Ozanich (child support).

Kenya S. Tucker vs. Terrance M. Holland, Sr. (child support).

Dissolutions of marriage

John M. Stobbe vs. Helena A. Stobbe.

Donna M. Browder vs. Gerald P. Browder.

Andrea S. Hall vs. James B. Hall.

Kathleen Tysinger vs. Todd Tysinger.

Susan Egbert vs. J. David Egbert.

Marlene K. Wakefield vs. Mark E. Wakefield.

Kathleen W. Wynn vs. Martin T. Wynn.

Christine Mae Beasley vs. Paul Charles Beasley.

William H. Phillipus vs. Sally M. Phillipus.

Louann Bowers vs. Anthony W. Bowers.

Samantha M. Horn vs. William R. Horn.

Nancy A. Kollar vs. Joseph J. Kollar.

Ernest S. Sporbert vs. Ruth S. Sporbert.

Allen F. Passerin vs. Jill Passerin.

Ronald F. Cash vs. Linda L. Cash.

Duane L. Chichester vs. Linda S. Chichester.

Richard M. Stefanski vs. Helen Ellen Stefanski.

Louis E. Audette vs. Donna M. Audette.


Kelley Nugara vs. Sean Nugara (dissolution of marriage).

Marriage license applications

David Joseph Ivancsits and Cheri Ann Chamberlin, both of Spring Hill.

Ronald Severre Whitman and Terie Jean Warrington, both of Brooksville.

Robert Frederick Rogers and Diane Dale Buggle, both of Brooksville.

Alan Lemont Moran and Tracy Lee Davie, both of Spring Hill.

Joseph Nicolini and Martha Louise Cobb, both of Spring Hill.

Michael Eric Yossett of Choudrant and Tina Marie Revennaugh of Brooksville.

Louis Claude Gregoire and Sherry Ann Boutin, both of Spring Hill.

Pedro Edwin Caban and Heather Liptak, both of Spring Hill.

Gary Wayne Orendorf of Brooksville and Sheri Elizabeth Walker of Spring Hill.

Bruce David Wilkerson of Brooksville and Christine Marie Donner of Homosassa.

Michael Joe Dismang and Maureen Winona Eidson, both of Spring Hill.

Michael Paul Ferruzza and Stacey Lynn Holland, both of Spring Hill.

Stephen Christopher Fleming and Pamela Marie Oswald, both of Spring Hill.

Cleave Edward King and Amy Marie Massey, both of Brooksville.

Kenneth Landon Jones and Vera Lynn Woodruff, both of Hernando Beach.

Steven Joseph Lazar and Kimberly Marie Lazar, both of Spring Hill.

Christopher Bryant Canterbury and Vickie Denise Reed, both of Bushnell.

Patrick Peter Beyens of Brooksville and Wendy Michelle Snyder of Holiday.

Milan Austin Kimble and Martha Marie Ellegood, both of Brooksville.

Casey Aron Adorni and Chauna Marie Garofalo, both of Hudson.

Steven Joseph Manion and Julie Anne Thomas, both of Spring Hill.