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Question: I missed several episodes of NYPD Blue this spring after the character Bobby Simone died. Before he died, though, his wife Diane was pregnant and Bobby had a dream that the baby was a boy. I never heard any more talk about her pregnancy on the rest of the season's shows. Did I miss something?

Answer: You did. Diane discovered she was pregnant in a January 1998 episode, then suffered a miscarriage the following month. Fast forward to 1999, and the dying Bobby Simone dreams, or hallucinates, about the baby who was never born.

Question: I watch Seinfeld every day. I know all the characters' first and last names, except one. Newman.

Answer: The Seinfeld postman, played by Wayne Knight, had a seldom-heard first name, Norman. Knight has been busy since the hit series closed shop last year. He has voiced roles in the Disney hit Tarzan, My Favorite Martian and the upcoming Toy Story 2.

Question: We have a dispute in our family involving the right John F. Kennedy Jr. might have had to being buried in his parents' plot in Arlington. Also, would that right have included his wife (Carolyn Bessette)? My father, a veteran, says that technically he didn't have the right, but since the rules have been stretched for others, most people would not have begrudged the family that privilege. Thanks for what information you can provide.

Answer: From what I've been told, the authorities at Arlington were prepared to include John Jr. in the plot that now holds his father, his mother, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and his brother, Patrick, and his stillborn sister. And, yes, Carolyn Bessette would have been with him. However, the Kennedys chose not to ask for a waiver allowing the burial, both because JFK Jr. was not, as your father says, "technically" qualified, and because it was feared the gravesite might become a mecca for sightseers from around the world in numbers far beyond those who already visit.

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