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"X-Files' star Duchovny sues over reruns deal

The X-Files star David Duchovny is suing the show's producer, 20th Century Fox Film Corp., claiming Fox gave its own stations sweetheart deals on X-Files reruns. The suit, filed Thursday in Superior Court, claims Fox breached Duchovny's contract and paid X-Files creator Chris Carter more than $34-million and promised him a new series to keep him quiet about the deal. The suit did not specify damages. Fox sold the series to its own broadcast network, Fox Broadcasting Co., and its own cable network, FX Cable Network. Syndication rights were sold to its own group of stations, Fox Television Stations. The lawsuit contends that Fox should have sold the series to the highest bidder.

President Beatty?

Actor considers a run

Warren Beatty is thinking of running for president. It's a role the actor and director has never been cast in before. He did play a senator unable to resist rapping the truth in last year's Bullworth. Now the longtime Democratic activist says he's displeased with the national debate on campaign finance reform and other issues important to him. Few political observers give Beatty much of a chance, however, whether he goes up against Al Gore and Bill Bradley in the Democratic primary or joins Jesse Ventura in the Reform Party _ a possibility he has hinted at. Even Beatty has conceded there should be a better candidate than him. But he has also said he doesn't want to discount the friends and activists encouraging him to give it a go. Beatty has never held any elected office, but he did campaign hard for Robert Kennedy and George McGovern some three decades ago and, more recently, for Gary Hart.

Jerry Springer

rethinks Senate bid

Talk show host Jerry Springer said Friday he won't run for the U.S. Senate next year because of other obligations. Springer, 55, often criticized for his show's brawling guests and trashy topics, had been considering running against Republican Sen. Mike DeWine. Springer, 55, is a former two-term mayor of Cincinnati who ran for governor in 1982 as a liberal Democrat before embarking on a TV career.

New Orleans R&B

veteran Ridgley dies

Vocalist Tommy Ridgley, a veteran performer from the golden age of New Orleans rhythm and blues, died Wednesday of lung cancer. He was 73. Though Ridgley never had a national hit, his more than 70 recordings have endured around the globe. He has been featured at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival since 1972. Ridgley produced TraLaLa, which was later covered by Pat Boone. Last year Ridgley announced plans for a new compact disc.

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