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Alonzo to go for 3-0 in Aug. 27 bout in Atlanta

Published Sep. 29, 2005

Jose Alonzo doesn't know whom his next opponent will be, only when and where. That's all he wants to know.

Alonzo, a 22-year-old Spring Hill resident and 174-pound light-heavyweight, will attempt to improve to 3-0 as a professional Aug. 27 in Atlanta.

"I don't know who it'll be, and that's fine," he said. "I didn't know who I was fighting before going into fights."

Alonzo has won both pro bouts by knockout _ in 28 seconds on April 18, and at 2:08 of the third round on July 4.

He and trainer Don Kahn, who tutored former world champions Alexis Arguello and Wilfredo Benitez, are currently shuttling between Spring Hill and a gym in Tampa to prepare for the fight. Kahn considers his apprentice still a work in progress, and said he is breaking down bad habits to create a more refined fighter.

"He's looking good, but there are things to work on," Kahn said. "But he's very dedicated. He'll do what he has to do. Right now that means defending better."

Kahn used to stand Arguello and Benitez against a gym wall and hurl tennis balls at their heads to improve their ability to slip punches. His approach to fortifying Alonzo's defense concentrates more on footwork.

"Right now it's a lot of moving side to side," Alonzo said. "Defense is what I need to work on most, but I'm working harder than ever."

The tandem's trips to Tampa should not be needed in the future. Kahn moved from Tampa to Spring Hill to be closer to Alonzo and Ramon Garbey, a world-ranked cruiserweight he also trains, and has procured a site for a new boxing gym in Brooksville.

Alonzo has trained a few times in the unfinished Jefferson Street location, which is to be equipped with a ring next week.

Kahn wants to use the facility as a training center for his fighters and as a fitness facility. He said he also plans to stage bouts there, with a small card planned for an October grand opening.