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Applicant wants to add information


A petition to allow commercial general use on a 6-acre parcel went to the County Commission once, but applicant JFJ Investments Inc. would like to present more evidence so the issue is being remanded. Under the proposal, the property at the southwest corner of Lynn and Anderson roads would be changed from one home per acre to commercial. A zoning hearing master will hear their request Monday night. (Petition RZ 99-297)

The following items also will go before the zoning hearing master Monday night:


Also zoned for homes and being considered for commercial use is less than an acre at the southeast corner of Stewart Pond and Sheldon Road. This application has also already gone before board members, but was remanded because the developer seeks commercial neighborhood zoning in addition to commercial general. (Petition RZ 99-336)


The owners of Cypress Creek Nursery on N Florida Avenue need approval to rezone a portion of their property that does not conform to zoning requirements. The western portion of the land, used for irrigation, plant production and overnight truck parking, encroaches on residential land. The application seeks to change that western section to commercial use. (Petition RZ 99-1074)


Owners of the Greenery Pub at 13740 N 42nd St., may add another 414 square feet if commissioners approve their plans for expansion. The restaurant, already 1,745 square feet, sits on land zoned under a legal non-conforming use, and the owners want to keep the additional space under that classification as well. (Petition 99-949)


Michael Heldt wants to add a room to his home at 10527 Lake Williams Drive as part of a remodeling plan. Heldt will have to get a variance because a side setback requirement prohibits him from building any closer than 15 feet from the property line. He would like that changed to 12.8 feet. The petition goes to a land-use hearing officer Sept. 17. (Petition VAR 99-1236)