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"Blair Witch' star says she still loves camping

Starring in The Blair Witch Project hasn't ruined camping out for Heather Donahue.

The film tells the story of young filmmakers who hike into the wilderness to document tales of a mythic witch haunting the forest.

"I've actually become a very active camper," Donahue says in Aug. 20-22 issue of USA Weekend magazine.

Donahue was one of three unknown actors now enjoying the unexpected box office success of the movie shot by two student filmmakers for about $60,000.

She has some advice for those venturing into the woods, however:

"Bring a good, easy-to-read map, a compass and a cell phone," she said.

Miss America pageant

limits talent segment

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. _ Unhappy with the caliber of its contestants' talent routines, the Miss America Pageant is cutting back on the number of performances included on the television show.

Traditionally, all 10 semifinalists have performed solo talent segments as part of the contest. This year, only five will, and they will be backed by professional dancers and musicians.

Viewers get bored watching the amateur talent routines, Beck said. "Thirty or 40 years ago, there was no other choice. You watched us or flipped to one or two other stations. Today, you can flip to 20 or 30 stations and find great entertainment," he said.

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