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Published Sep. 29, 2005

ANOTHER SUPPLEMENT: Joints a little achy these days? Feeling depressed? Maybe your liver could use a little extra help defending itself against a daily onslaught of toxins? A newly available nutritional supplement called SAM-e, known as "Sammy," is being touted as helping all of the above. You can read all about it in a book called Stop Depression Now, co-written by Dr. Richard Brown, an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. He notes that SAM-e isn't for everyone: People suffering from bipolar disorder, for example, should consult their doctors.

IT ISN'T JUST WOMEN: The number of men getting liposuction has more than tripled since 1992, according to statistics reported in Men's Fitness magazine. Despite the $2,500 to $6,000 cost and the potential dangers of the procedure, more than 20,000 men a year are having it done.

NO SCENTS: We're on the scent of a big story: "Selective breeding has reduced flower scent to almost nothing," says Purdue University researcher Natalia Dudareva. "Flowers are bred for color, size and shelf life without any attention to scent. Floral scent disappeared, and nobody knows why." Dudareva heads the only floral scent lab in the nation. There, she and colleagues are trying to restore some scents to horticulture.

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