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Children get antibiotics after death of 2-year-old

Published Sep. 29, 2005

About 50 children at a Salvation Army day-care center have been given prescriptions for antibiotics after a 2-year-old playmate died from a suspected form of meningitis.

The victim, who was not identified, died Thursday morning at University Medical Center.

Duval County Health Department spokeswoman Patricia Frank said the child became ill Wednesday night, with fever and vomiting. He was taken to the hospital and given an antibiotic, but died shortly thereafter.

Tests will be conducted to determine the cause of death, but officials suspect a blood infection caused by the neisseria bacteria. The bacteria also leads to meningitis, an infection of the brain and spinal cord.

"He was not sick when he was at day care Wednesday. He did not seem to be ill," said Tania Yount, director of the Salvation Army Child Development Center.

Four doses of preventive antibiotics should prevent any more cases, Frank said.