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Council alters buffer-zone rules

(ran West)

Council members are tired of business people who ask to build wooden fences rather than masonry walls as a buffer next to residential areas. So the council has told staff members to change Pinellas Park's rules: No waivers can be granted to the requirement for solid masonry walls when the business abuts a residential area. The change will not become final until after the council considers the issue during a meeting. It is unclear when that will happen.

Parking changes stall in council

KENNETH CITY _ Another attempt to relax the requirements for parking recreational vehicles in residential neighborhoods has failed to pass the council. Under the current rule, Kenneth City residents must park their boats, trailers and other leisure vehicles at least 3 feet from the lot line. For police who must enforce the rule, it's sometimes difficult to measure in situations where there is no sidewalk to clearly mark the property line. The latest proposal would have allowed residents to park their recreational vehicles no less than 10 feet from the curb line. The measure failed to get a motion after council members could not agree on the distance such vehicles should be kept from the curb.