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Loose Change

WILL ELMER FUDD BE CLOSE BEHIND? Bugs Bunny is hitting the road, thanks to a marketing pact between Warner Bros. and General Motors Corp. GM will start making a $29,575 minivan featuring the Bugs Bunny and WB logos.

THAT'S A LOT OF BEANS: Starbucks will offer a $12.95-a-pound coffee billed as environmentally friendly because it is grown in the shade of rain forest plants. The move pleases activists who criticize coffee growers' practice of denuding tropical rain forests to make higher-yielding coffee plantations.

YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER, OVER AND OVER: A northern Virginia woman found her phone ringing off the hook with orders from L.L. Bean customers. The mix-up occurred because of a phone number typo in a new catalog. The company fixed the phone glitch and sent the woman a "very generous gift certificate to express our regret."

UNCLE SAM'S SPENDING HABITS: The Tax Foundation estimates that Uncle Sam spent only 98 cents in Georgia for every dollar collected in taxes during fiscal 1998. The wealthiest states in the Northeast generally fared the worst on the federal ledger. In New Jersey, for instance, the federal government spent only 68 percent as much as what it collected in taxes.

DIRTY HARRY DOES GOLF: Clint Eastwood will open his own golf course near his home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. The course will require a $100,000 membership fee. If that's too pricey, Business Traveler magazine reports that nearby Pebble Beach golf course is open to the public for a $295 fee.

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