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Railway killings suspect writes to TV station

Published Sep. 29, 2005

Ignoring legal advice, multiple murder defendant Angel Maturino Resendiz sent a rambling letter to a television station, touching on topics ranging from why he surrendered to how much he loves his dogs.

In the 11-page letter received by Houston station KTRK, Maturino Resendiz didn't discuss the string of killings across three states that put him on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List, but did make an ominous reference to a "creature" inside him that scares him.

Written in English, the letter contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors. KTRK aired segments about the letter in newscasts on Thursday and Friday. The station got the letter Thursday and verified its authenticity by checking a mail receipt from the Harris County Jail.

Perhaps the most striking passage written by the drifter from Mexico was about an inner demon, which he calls his "enemy."

"My wife has a flourescent black light. We turn off all the lights, on the black light. I was so afraid as never before as I look in the mirror, my enemy was me in a different light," he wrote.

"I have been fighting this creature all of my life, and now I know it is me, so I fear, yes I fear and shake," he wrote.

Defense attorney Allen Tanner said Maturino Resendiz ignored his directions to avoid contact with news media.

"He gets a bunch of letters in jail from media," Tanner said. "I told him not to respond."

Maturino Resendiz, 40, is being held without bail, charged with four killings in Texas, two in Illinois and one in Kentucky. He is also a suspect in two other Texas killings.

Maturino Resendiz gave up in El Paso on July 13 in a surrender brokered by his relatives.

He wrote that he didn't surrender "because I was good; the reason was I fear that the U.S.A. was going to put my wife in jail."