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Taking the bad with the good

Baseball, like anything else, has a certain balance. For every selfish boor, the game has someone genuine of heart. Read on:


"(Expletive) Davey and "You get thoughts about

(expletive) Malone, they so many things, but especially

try to put all of our my dad. I was thinking about

problems on me. They're the impact he and my mom

trying to say that all had in my life. My dad would

this (expletive) is my always tell me I could do

fault. That's the way certain things. You'd listen

they feel, fine. Just get but not really believe it. And

me out of here. (Expletive) then to see how significant

Davey. (Expletive) Malone. the advice was, and have everything

(Expletive) both of them." come true, is just unbelievable

_ Dodgers OF Raul Mondesi to me." _ Padres OF Tony Gwynn

on manager Davey Johnson after falling to his knees and

and GM Kevin Malone after crying in the runway to the

he was kept out of the clubhouse after getting his

lineup for two days. 3,000th hit.

"Nothing's free. This is "It was for charity."

the city's payback time. _ Reds 1B Sean Casey's vague

I'd be gravely disappointed explanation for a hastily

if there wasn't some verbal arranged autograph show. It

offering of opinion. People in later was learned that a fan

this city live for this. When whom Casey befriended after

you say "Philly fans' people meeting at the ballpark was unable

know exactly what you're to pay for a funeral after his

talking about." _ Phillies father's death. Casey

RHP Curt Schilling urging offered to pay expenses,

fans to boo J.D. Drew. Not but the young man refused. So,

only was Drew booed, he was instead, Casey set up the

the target of two batteries low-key autograph appearance to

thrown from the stands. donate money to the family.

"You're going right where "I played in an era where

you should be going _ to the there were a lot of great home run

boneyard _ because of your hitters and I hit quite a

attitude." _ St. Louis few myself. But there's no one

pitching coach Dave Duncan like McGwire." _ Hank Aaron

showing sensitivity to showing his humility in

umpire Gary Darling, who discussing Mark McGwire.

is among the umps whose

resignations were accepted.