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WADE BOGGS: Seeing him on the mound, and getting a strikeout no less, was almost worth the 16 runs the other Rays pitchers allowed Tuesday night. Okay, so his knuckleball won't get him into the Hall of Fame, especially since his earned-run average jumped from zero to 3.86. Oh, well. He'll just have to go in as a hitter.

TONY DUNGY: In past seasons Trent Dilfer has been given a free pass to the starting quarterback job, when Steve Walsh, Casey Weldon and Scott Milanovich were the only alternatives. Now the Bucs coach has let him _ and us _ know that it's a new day in Tampa Bay. If he has to dig into his depth chart and pull out Eric Zeier to produce a winner, he says, he will. Let's hope he means it.

NASCAR: It acted swiftly and decisively by indefinitely (which pretty much means permanently) suspending two Winston Cup team members, motorcoach drivers for two teams, who thought it would be funny to wear a white sheet as though it was a Ku Klux Klan outfit and confront a black crew member on another team. A wise move by a sport trying to shed its redneck image.


WILLIAM SANDERS: Why doesn't he just stop talking (and why don't we just stop listening to him)? If Barry is or isn't going to play for the Lions, or anyone else in the NFL, this season, he'll eventually let us know. His father doesn't seem to know anything, except that he loves to be quoted, and we quote him.

THE STORM: For the second year in a row the Arena Football League team blew into the playoffs as the No. 1 seed, only to get blown out by Orlando (which, for the second year in a row, it had swept during the season). Last year it was in the title game; this year, the first round. If they keep playing this way when it really counts, maybe some of their fans won't mind if they leave town.