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Toy Shop says thanks for the help

Published Sep. 29, 2005

If the Christmas Toy Shop felt it could use its money for a full-page ad in your paper, it would use that space to thank the people of Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Rays of Hope Foundation Inc. for their unselfish support of the toy shop in its time of need.

The loss of toys and the physical damage done by the two young boys (each had received toys at Christmastime from us in prior years) were softened by the wonderful support in both replacement toys and monetary contributions. This support gives great insight into the people and corporate citizens of our area and their compassion for those who are not so fortunate.

Thank you, Suncoast citizens _ and thank you, Tampa Bay Devil Rays!

Ardith Rutland,

first vice president of operations,

Christmas Toy Shop, St. Petersburg

Redington Beach

changes were needed

Lately, there has been considerable comment in the press about the Board of Commissioners of Redington Beach, much of it negative. This is wrong.

The change of personnel in the town office was long overdue. Not one commissioner questioned the resignations. The mayor, in a very professional manner, accepted the resignations and withheld any comment.

Let it be known, prior to the hiring of the two staffers who resigned, one person did their work. That one person had responsibilities that included a police department, a fire department, an ailing sewer system, attendance at all meetings, taking and transcribing minutes, all bookkeeping, all purchasing, etc., at a salary approximately one-half that of the departed town clerk.

The commissioners, and especially the mayor, are hard-working, dedicated public servants and deserve a great vote of thanks from the residents of Redington Beach.

William J. Ardiff, Redington Beach

Early care can make

difference in child's life

Re: A baby's best interest is at heart of Fair, by Olivia Clarke, Aug. 1.

The Pinellas Healthy Start Baby Fair that will provide the latest in child-related information to parents will be of immense benefit. Truly, the cornerstone of child-rearing should be specialized competence. Every little being's mental and physical health demands properly informed and programmed parents. And early expedients in child development can prevent later problems, as what happens in childhood lasts all through life.

The price of proper parenthood is preparation. Much social evil stems from early neglect in childhood and adolescent years. Case histories of criminals confirm this. A woman can have child-bearing equipment and conceive a child, but motherhood per se is much more than that. A true mother will never diminish the care of her own child. She will love and never abuse her child. And the best of mothers (and fathers) will stay up to date on the latest information that relates to the well-being of their child.

Robert B. Fleming, St. Petersburg