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Where to buy those long-wearing cavalry twill pants

Question: I have been searching for a number of years for a source for the cavalry twill slacks you wrote about. I had a pair that were part of my winter aviation uniform in the Navy in the '70s. You could not wear them out, and I would like to get some for my civilian "uniform." I would appreciate the mailing address and phone numbers of the shops you mentioned as carrying them: Paul Stuart, Brooks Brothers and J. Press.

Answer: Cavalry twill wool trousers are wonderful-looking, long-wearing pants that may be too heavy for summer wear but are great for spring evenings and throughout the rest of the year. The diagonal ribbed fabric in the Army officer's version was a light shade of beige; it could be worn with a turtleneck or dress shirt and sports jacket.

A note of caution: If you have not purchased them recently, you may be surprised by the price. But as a fan, you know they're worth it.

Here are the addresses and phone numbers you asked for:

Paul Stuart, Madison Avenue and 45th Street, New York, NY 10017; (212) 682-0320.

Brooks Brothers, 346 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017; (212) 682-8800.

J. Press Inc., 7 E 44th St., New York, NY 10017; (212) 687-7642.

Cushioned feet

Question: Is it possible to receive information of any sort regarding the "Lovfeet" you wrote about? Do they make them for women?

Answer: The shock-reducing Lovfeet shoe inserts are worn by both men and women. The cost is $19.95 a pair or two for $34.95. They are ordered by approximate size (when they arrive, you trim them to your actual size). They come in three thicknesses for varying degrees of cushioning: ultra-thin, thin and thick _ it really depends upon how much room you have in your shoe. But people who have major problems with the bottoms of their feet don't seem to mind buying a larger size shoe to accommodate the thicker insert.

The liners are washable and made with an odor inhibitor. To get more information or to order, call toll-free (877) LOVFEET (568-3338) or check the Web site, They are also sold in EMS and Genovese stores and will soon be in Legend pharmacies.

Silver and gold

Question: I received some very nice silver cuff links as a gift. My watch is gold. Is there anything wrong with wearing gold and silver together or should they both always be the same?

Answer: If you are a purist or extremely involved in fashion, then perhaps the best look is to match all of your jewelry so that your watch, collar pin, cuff links, wedding ring, belt buckle, even your briefcase hardware are all either gold-toned or silver.

In women's jewelry, where such things take on more importance, designers often make items that combine gold and silver to solve this very problem. The double-metal piece then acts as a transition to tie everything together when worn in any combination.

For men, a stainless-and-gold watch is a popular item that accomplishes the same result by combining the two metals into one piece. Still, my guess is that most men who select the style didn't consider this blending; they just like the way the watch looks.

In truth, this sort of matching is a small point of perfection that is not important in a man's overall appearance. Much more important is to be well-groomed, color-coordinate his clothes, have his suits tailored so they fit him properly and choose the best-quality clothes he can afford.

But since you asked the question, you must want an answer. You can certainly wear your silver cuff links with your gold watch. If you are at the point of buying something new _ such as a belt _ and you always wear a gold watch, then you might look for a belt with a gold-tone buckle. But I would venture to say it is not worth worrying about.