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Keeping Nielsen is a big priority

Published Sep. 26, 2005

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Times offers candidates not recommended by the editorial board the opportunity to reply. Here is one of those replies.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your editorial concerning the Dunedin commission candidates. First, let me make my position clear concerning Nielsen Media Research Corp. In No way, shape or form do I want to place the jobs of our citizens in jeopardy. Everyone who knows me knows that the last thing I would ever want to see are families losing their income and their homes. As a commissioner, I would not stand idly by watching any corporation move out of the city without fighting for our citizens and their livelihood.

I have stated my position clearly in my brochure from the very beginning of this campaign: "We need to be fair with all of our industries located in the city and work hard to keep all of them including A.C. Nielsen."

Where the misunderstanding came about is when the editor asked if I was willing to go all out by giving tax credits and other things to keep them here. What immediately came to my mind was talk I have heard about the possibility of turning over Grant Field, if the Blue Jays left, to Nielsen Media Research. There is no way I would favor a proposal like that.

Grant Field is a part of our history going back several decades. It should remain an athletic field as long as we have children growing up in Dunedin to enjoy it. We have over 200 children involved in Little League and high school programs. The platform for my campaign is listed in my brochure. Nielsen is the top priority.

Not to be taken lightly is my concern for the constant problem of stormwater run-off in several parts of our city. While the stormwater fee of $3 a month goes for the maintenance of the program, we have nearly $1-million set aside in order to accelerate our efforts toward solving this problem. Let's do it.

Recycled water is a major concern in our city. It is sewage water used on our lawns in order to save purified water for drinking and normal home use. It also helps to protect our bay from pollution. We need to offer more incentives for the voluntary program, perhaps by lowering the price. It may be possible to do that through national or state grants.

In summary, my platform includes several other concerns, but I must emphasize the importance of fiscal responsibility. We must keep our taxes at the lowest possible rate and continue our effort to make Dunedin affordable for all of our citizens.

_ G. Wayne Dailey is a candidate for the Dunedin City Commission.