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Confront the fundraising issue

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley commenting on the 1996 campaign fundraising scandal, in remarks Sunday in New Hampshire:

We have to learn from the events of 1996. What happened in 1996 was a disgrace, on both the Republican and the Democratic side. But it particularly was embarrassing for Democrats, because we are the party of reform. We are the party of protecting those who are without, those little people out there who need our help. And yet at the same time, if we get into bed with special interests, the result is going to be to damage our identity, our credibility with the people, and that is why those events were so tragic for our party.

I further think that unless we clean up our own house, Republicans are going to clean that up for us, in the fall.

And here is the latest article in Fortune magazine about Al Gore and the year 1996, relevant to the fundraising issue. Quite frankly, I think there is more explanation that is needed, that this article raises, about his participation. And I believe that unless that explanation is forthcoming, that the public will reject a candidacy in the fall that fails to come to terms with this circumstance in our Democratic Party in 1996. Just as simple as that.