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Electric company arrogant in trying to move poles to front of property

Editor: Here we go again! Withlacoochee River Electric Corp. sends out letters to the homeowners on Meredith Drive, and I assume others, requesting that we ask the County Commission to permit the company to remove poles from rear of properties to the street.

To this I say, and I hope others agree, such action will devalue our homes and destroy the area with wires and poles on both sides of the street _ more poles than they remove! Doing this makes the area look circa-1900.

One has to look around to see what a mess is being made. Spring Hill Drive and Bishop Street are examples. Put a stop to this! I can't believe that poles can't be maintained in the rear of the property. After all, they were put there when Spring Hill was a jungle.

With the equipment they have, there should be no problem.

I come from the Buffalo, N.Y., area and had poles in the rear for 30 years. Snow, sleet, narrow lots were never a problem.

Back to the notice from the company. They end the notice with a threat.

"Otherwise (if we don't request the commissioners approval) Withlacoochee will enforce deed restrictions, which include removal of any wall, fence, planting or improvements located on easement, all at our expense."

To this I say "c---."

Years ago they violated their privilege to use our property and their easement by arbitrarily moving poles from back to front without a permit.

This was stopped at the time by the County Commission because of a knowledgeable woman who knew that the company could not use easement after easement without permission (permits).

The residents of areas being affected, if they feel like I do, should call their county commissioner at 754-4000 and voice their opinion.

The arrogance of the company! This is repetitious of a few years ago.

J. DeMarco

Spring Hill

School track needs mulch

Editor: My son goes to Central High School and belongs to the cross country and track team. Central High has an awesome cross country trail. It is three miles long and is used by the cross country and track teams pretty much the entire year. The course is also used by other high schools and amateurs to train for races, etc. Central High is often chosen to host district and regional meets for these events because of its competitive course.

We have one problem. The course is deteriorating at a rapid pace because of the harsh weather we have here in Florida. The course is made up of dirt and sand. The sand erodes and leaves many unseen dangers, like exposed tree roots and holes, which runners have been injured by.

My plea is, are there any nurseries, landscapers or tree-cutting companies that would be able to donate scraps of mulch, etc., to the school for the trails to make them safer? I know that many companies bring their extra mulch to the dump. However, we could put it to better use.

If anyone could help please contact the athletic director at Central High School.

Patty Costanzo

Spring Hill

Thanks to writer for speaking up

Editor: Re: Commissioners' efforts are appreciated, Jan. 30 letter to the editor, and Letter writer's accusations ridiculous, Jan. 27 letter to the editor:

I wish to respond to the scurrilous letters from John and Norma Karpiscak castigating Joe Lentini for speaking out against the attacks made on Hernando County businesses.

Commissioner Paul Sullivan did, indeed, lead the attack on the commercial fishermen in our county, and the Karpiscaks were alongside him. Second, any letter signed by John Karpiscak should be signed "Treasurer, Paul Sullivan Re-election Committee."

These Sullivan groupies complain when Lentini points out the fact that Commissioner Sullivan took the lead and was outspoken against the truckers, the fishermen and the billboard industry. However, I did not hear them complain when Sullivan took credit for everything that's happened in the past four years in this county _ without mentioning his colleagues. If he takes the credit, he must also take the blame for his actions against businesses in Hernando County.

The Karpiscaks talk about the "overwhelming majority" of Hernando Beach residents who supported the ousting of the fishermen, which, according to them, never happened. That overwhelming majority consisted of about 45 people who attended a meeting led by Sullivan's wife. In fact, a survey, submitted to residents living in the affected area, shows 80 percent are in favor of allowing commercial vessels to remain under "grandfathered" conditions. Not to mention that 84 residents surveyed were Hernando Beach Property Owners Association members, of which 86 percent were in support of the fishermen.

I do not understand why the Karpiscaks and the other Sullivan groupies are so intent on keeping Lentini quiet. This is America, thank God, and he has the right to express his views on the opinion page. But one has to remember that John Karpiscak was a member of that infamous board that tried to oust one of its members because she refused to vote with the majority on the commercial fishing issue.

Politics is all about differences of opinion. The Karpiscaks and the other Sullivan sycophants are going to have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable, although I expect there will be more attacks on Lentini. We look forward to your letters, Joe. Keep it up.

James R. Bradley

Weeki Wachee

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