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Ford's poor treatment of staff must stop

Re: Port director leaving post, Jan. 30

This article probably could have been titled: "Ford leaves port director in her wake." Once again St. Petersburg City Council member Kathleen Ford's lack of professional courtesy and poor treatment of city employees creates vacancies and costs the city money.

Ford is quoted in the article as saying her concern is with the orders that port director David Metz was carrying out, not with the director himself. But then why publicly question the director's credentials or education? Her only goal seems again to somehow elevate her own sense of importance by continually telling everyone how much more knowledgeable she is than anyone else on any given topic.

After reading Ford's letters to anyone and everyone regarding her need to be "protected" from the Uhurus, one has to wonder about her legal qualifications she so constantly reminds us she possesses. I wonder, how many cases has she taken to trial? How many cases has she won?

I hear some people say ""she's asking the right questions," but is she really? I certainly think she has raised some issues that do need discussion, but is it possible to raise those issues without personally attacking the individual involved? If Ford really had concerns over a person's qualifications, wouldn't those questions be better asked at a council workshop instead of on TV?

Ford's beef seems to be with the mayor. If so, then she should carry on the discussion with the mayor and stop being so unprofessional with the staff.

Brian Longstreth, St. Petersburg

Coast Guard Band gave touching show

Re: Coast Guard Band concert.

Thanks to the St. Petersburg Times for sponsoring the United States Coast Guard Band concert at the Bayfront Center on Jan. 27.

I attended the concert with my elderly parents, and a good time was had by all. We especially enjoyed the singing voice of Musician 1st Class Tracy Thomas. Her Julie Andrews medley was marvelous. I was touched by their dedication of The Hymn to the Fallen to the families and members of the Blackthorn. Thank you for bringing us this fine entertainment!

Joan Petersen, St. Petersburg

Officials are misusing city resources

Re: Police seek mayor's outspoken attacker, Jan. 30.

I never heard of city police officers being used to sleuth out the possibility of employee misconduct unless a crime was part of the equation.

If anyone has broken any rules or is guilty of misconduct I would say it is Pinellas Park Mayor Bill Mischler and police Chief David Milchan _ specifically, for improper use of city resources.

Daniel P. Quinn, St. Petersburg

Band was great; traffic was horrible

On Jan. 27, we attended the U.S. Coast Guard concert at the Bayfront Arena, sponsored by the St. Petersburg Times. We sincerely thank you.

The concert was magnificent and thoroughly enjoyed, I understand, by 6,000 to 7,000 appreciative people.

It was a great evening until we tried to leave. As we walked to the parking lot, smiling and humming some of the classic tunes, the parking lot turned into an ugly arena of belching exhaust pipes, bumper-to-bumper traffic, not even moving at a snail's pace, feeding into one exit from many areas. The ambience of the evening evaporated.

At $4 per car for parking, one would expect a little traffic control. There was none. Several exits were blocked by gates, a strategy I fail to understand. It was truly horrendous. Heaven forbid anyone dared to have an emergency. With a few parking employees or police officers directing traffic, it could have been a smooth, efficient system. It took us over half an hour just to get onto the street, and there were still many others still behind us.

I pray that this problem can be rationally addressed, leaving the audience still humming, smiling and eager to return for the next engagement.

Mary Smith, Mary Jo Shipman, Virginia Potter, Mary Burian

and Mary Smith, St. Petersburg

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