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Guard at county jail quits after inmate's allegations

Published Sep. 26, 2005

A corrections officer at the Citrus County jail resigned Saturday after allegations of sexual misconduct and assaulting an inmate.

"There were two allegations. One was that (Micah) Linton let male and female inmates fondle each other. The second was that Mr. Linton pushed another female inmate," said warden Mike Blumberg.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office was called in to conduct an investigation at the jail, Blumberg said. The Citrus County jail is a private corrections facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America.

The sheriff's office investigation will be turned over to the state attorney's office to see what, if any, charges can be brought, Blumberg said.

"We didn't conduct much of an investigation ourselves," Blumberg said.

He also added that Linton, 25, who had been working at the jail about three months, was told he would face disciplinary action that may have included termination if the investigation showed the allegations were true.

"These are just allegations, and the officer is denying everything," Blumberg said.

The allegations were made by inmate Misty Rusk, who is serving time for failing to appear at a court hearing in regard to a worthless check charge.

Rusk complained that Linton let the two inmates fondle each other in a sexual manner while in a medical area at the jail. She also alleged that Linton pushed her Friday after she saw the fondling and complained about it.