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Parkway alternative would be wrong turn

Editor: Re: Widening existing roads will solve traffic troubles, Jan. 30 letter to the editor from Charles E. Haffeman:

I wonder if Mr. Haffeman took a good look at a map of Citrus County before writing his letter. He states "We don't need a monstrous toll road cutting through our pristine forests, lakes, rivers and beautiful rolling countryside."

The Suncoast Parkway follows generally the existing route of the Florida Power Corp.'s high-voltage power lines, and runs alongside or through several landfills and a low-medium density residential area. It does not pass through the state forest at all. I do not see it routed over, under, around or through any lakes or rivers either, and I would have to be wearing very dark glasses to describe any large part of its route as "beautiful, rolling countryside."

Instead, he recommends widening County Road 491, which does pass through both some beautiful, rolling countryside and the Withlacoochee State Forest itself, and widening U.S. 41, which carries traffic from the congestion of downtown Brooksville through one of the most beautiful areas of this county, to the congestion of Inverness.

Some solution.

Were he to study a map of this area, he might notice Florida is well on its way to completing a major road that will carry traffic from the Tampa area up to the southern border of Citrus county at U.S. 98. Any additional north-south traffic will funnel along the already congested route north through Homosassa and Crystal River on U.S. 19.

I wonder how further widening of State Road 44 and County Road 486, which are east-west roads, will serve to replace the Suncoast Parkway.

It seems to me that he may be accepting, without critical reflection, the propaganda that is offered in lieu of facts by the opponents of the parkway extension.

That may be okay for him, but to pass misinformation along this way is a disservice to the overwhelming majority of the residents of this county and our neighboring counties who, while perhaps wishing there was an alternative, accept the need for both the Suncoast Parkway and its logical extension around our populated areas.

Charlie Jensen


Name-calling not likely

to help anyone's cause

Editor: Re: "Save the Manatees' just a shill for socialism, Jan. 23 letter to the editor from Sam Lyons, responding to Helen Spivey's Jan. 16 letter, The manatee's extinction is forever:

I respect both Sam Lyons and Helen Spivey, and I believe that each has a right to an opinion. But I believe Lyons is wrong when he resorts to name-calling.

Spivey is not a socialist and does not want the government to own and control all property. Spivey is an animal lover, and her main concern is protection of the manatees. Spivey believes that touching manatees makes them tame and is detrimental to their welfare.

Lyons is a former owner of a dive shop. He is concerned with protecting dive shops and ecotourism.

Lyons is also wrong in belittling the "Save the Manatee Club." This organization has provided funds for education, rehabilitation and the rescue of manatees.

Ethel Albert

Crystal river

Elks auction was success

thanks to supporters

Editor: The West Citrus Elks No. 2693 Drug Awareness Program wishes to send sincere thanks to all those who made our auction, which benefited The Boys and Girls Clubs of Citrus County, a success. Thanks also for the support and generosity of state Rep. Nancy Argenziano and County Commissioner Vicki Phillips for their help with the auction.

Our many thanks to residents, merchants, radio stations, local newspapers and our many lodge members for their participation in our effort.

Jean Marchese, chairwoman

Drug Awareness Program

Richard Lee

Exalted Ruler

West Citrus Elks 2693

Editorial on business help

group was courageous

Editor: Re: 1 business help group is humble, 1 is haughty, Jan. 23 column by editor Greg Hamilton:

After reading the column I realized once again, which I do quite frequently, how fortunate we in Citrus County are. Not only do we have the St. Petersburg Times/Citrus Times available to us, but the newspaper also has an editor with both the integrity and courage to print the facts.

Thank you, Mr. Hamilton.

Janet Masaoy

Beverly Hills