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Try to look beyond school caste system

School ranks are very important issues that seem to have been overlooked somehow. Ask yourself this question: What is the difference between a popular individual and an unpopular individual?

You may be wondering what a school rank is. School ranks are the specific groups of kids in a school and how they think they outrank another group. The popular groups think they outrank the unpopular groups. The unpopular groups think they outrank the popular groups. It's confusion. Confusion leads to misunderstandings, and sometimes, misunderstandings lead to violence. School shootings can result from school ranks. Ask yourself another question: What makes popular individuals? Is it clothes? If it is, then why? Clothes of all types serve the same purpose.

Is it the house they live in? If it is, then why? All houses put shelter over our heads.

Is it the way they act? If it is, then why? We are all different in our own special and unique ways. No one acts the same as another.

When you really look at the situation, there is no reason for school ranks.

Did you know that two out of three school shootings were caused by school ranks? Usually, the situation is the popular groups won't accept the person and/or the unpopular groups will not accept that person. They criticize instead. This person feels rejected and alone in the world. This leads people to take drastic measures to get people's attention.

What makes a popular individual? If it is not the way they talk, dress, act or live, then what is it? What can we do to stop this discrimination?

It only takes one person _ you! You can make a difference. If everyone does their part, then history will not repeat itself.

Everyone should just take a second out of their lives to compliment someone. People don't know how much that means to someone else.

_ Brittany Davis is a freshman at Lecanto High School. Guest columnists write their own opinions on subjects they choose, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper.