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3 men charged with taping teens during sex

Three men were arrested Wednesday and charged with videotaping teens while they performed sex acts.

Arrested are Karl S. Henry, 28, of St. Petersburg; Brian F. Brohel, 20, of Largo; and transient Daniel M. Werner, 23.

Lilla Davis-Mays, St. Petersburg police spokeswoman, said Henry enticed children through modeling his clothing brand, KIKKO.

"He'd find teenagers in the mall and approach them on the street and ask them if they'd be models," Davis-Mays said.

During a drug investigation, detectives recovered videotapes that showed the men either having sex with children or videotaping the children at 219 44th Ave. N between Dec. 10, 1998, to Jan. 1.

While police have identified two 16-year-old girls from St. Petersburg seen having sex with Henry on the tapes, investigators say there are 15 other children who remain unidentified.

Parents who believe their children have clothing with the KIKKO logo are asked to call Detective Peter Venero at (727) 893-4940.

Henry, of 219 44th Ave. N, is charged with two counts of unlawful sex with a minor and eight counts of promoting sexual performance by a child. Brohel, of 427 Sixth Ave. NE in Largo, and Werner are each charged with four counts of promoting sexual performance by a minor.

All men are being held in the Pinellas County Jail.