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Published Sep. 26, 2005

She said, he said

"I think the referees called a good game."


Hudson girls coach when asked if Hernando played the "clean game of soccer" she said she likes after the Leopards were issued two yellow cards in a 3-2 season-ending loss Tuesday night in the Class 2A, District 6 tournament. Hudson was whistled for one yellow, the first of the game, and complained about Hernando's physical approach.

"They know the style we play."


Hernando interim head coach when asked if he thought his team's aggressive style bothered the Cobras.


Wait for the movie

The Florida High School Activities Association's 1999-2000 spring sports manuals are out, and we're all for comprehensive resources, but there might be a little too much information in this edition.

We don't want to reveal any secrets, but they have included the "FHSAA State Series Public-Address Announcements Script" for baseball. For those of you who want a sense of spontaneity in the prep post-season this spring, please skip the following paragraph. This is what the Internet folks would call a "spoiler":

"GOOD (afternoon/evening) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, (name of school) WELCOMES YOU TO (name of facility) FOR (district/regional tournament) COMPETITION IN THE 2000 F-H-S-A-A CLASS BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. THIS IS (a/the) (first round/quarterfinal/semifinal/ championship) GAME BETWEEN THE (school/nickname) AND THE (school/nickname). LET'S MEET THE STARTERS FOR BOTH TEAMS."

We could have gone on for another four paragraphs, but we figure it's better to leave a few surprises for the playoffs. Wait until you hear the sportsmanship announcement, which (shhh) ends, "Don't forget to "SPORT THE 'TUDE!"

Honest. Please, someone call us and tell us what that means.


WHAT: Girls basketball.

WHO: Hernando vs. River Ridge.

WHEN: 5:30 for JV, 7 p.m. for varsity.

WHERE: Hernando.

WHY: This wraps up the regular season for the Leopards, who earned a 40-37 victory at River Ridge on Friday. It's hardly the last home game of the year for Hernando, however, as the Leopards will host the Class 3A, District 6 tournament next week. Hernando (17-7, 6-2) will be the second seed behind Crystal River (17-3, 8-0) and will open its post-season on Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m. against Citrus (11-10, 4-4).


Wrapping it up

Springstead's girls team finished its regular season with a loss to Hernando on Tuesday night. Central's girls team, which played at Citrus on Wednesday night, will close its regular season with a tough trip to Crystal River on Friday.


Rack 'em up

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently released its 1998-99 Florida Buck Registry, a listing of the largest deer harvested legally in the state. To qualify for the list, "the antlers must have a minimum score of 100 Boone and Crockett inches for typical antlers, and 125 inches for nontypical antlers," according to an FWC release.

The largest typical rack was a 12-pointer taken in the Apalachicola Wildlife Management Area on Jan. 4, 1999, by James A. Watson. It scored 143.

Ten of the 110 "scores" in 1998-99 were recorded in the 13-county South Region, including two from Hernando County. A look:

Hunter County Date Score Pts

Earl Schmidt Polk 12/31/98 137 7/8 10

Kenny Adams Pasco 11/29/98 136 4/8 10

Bill Booth Sarasota 9/19/98 134 2/8 10

Jeffrey Rollins Pasco 1/9/99 212 1/8 10

John Boutwell Hernando 12/2/98 113 7/8 8

Mathew Young Hernando 12/19/98 113 6/8 9

Kirby King Pasco 12/26/98 108 4/8 8

Larry Delucenay Pasco 11/12/98 114 6/8 8

Mark Barthle Pasco 11/1/98 106 4/8 10

Mark Croft Pasco 12/1/98 104 11

_ Compiled by Greg Auman and Brant James