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Question: I am curious about how Rosie O'Donnell feels about raising her three adopted children without the presence of a strong father figure in their lives. Has she commented on this at all? And is it true that Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Selleck are still feuding over their heated discussion about gun ownership on her show?

Answer: Rosie's three youngsters are surrounded with several loving uncles and close male friends of their mom. They will grow up experiencing and respecting strong, positive male images, she has said. And secondly, neither Rosie nor Tom say they're feuding although, as one insider put it, "whatever friendship they had has been severely strained."

Question: The other day some of us were talking about the great Judy Garland and we wondered how many children she had besides Liza Minnelli. Also, was Judy ever married to Mickey Rooney when they were kids? One of my friends says they eloped but the marriage was annulled.

Answer: Judy had two children, Lorna and Joey, with her husband, Sid Luft, and Liza, of course, with Vincent Minnelli.

She and Rooney were very close but were never married. They were best buddies when they worked together as teenagers at MGM and thought of each other as brother and sister. As a matter of fact, Mickey has been quoted as saying that the love they had for each never faded, never ended. "You can't say the same about a lot of marriages," he said. "I know that from lots of expedience."

One of their other buddies at MGM during that time was Elizabeth Taylor. As you know, she took the aisle trek quite a few times herself. Mickey also said, "Elizabeth was exquisite. The most beautiful girl you could ever hope to see. But she thought she wasn't good looking enough to ever get a man to notice her. So, she decided she would devote herself to writing and illustrating children's books about animals."

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