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Dude Dorm must go, picketing neighbors say

Published Sep. 26, 2005

About 35 irate neighbors picketed a Lake Forest condominium Thursday night protesting the presence of the Dude Dorm, a Web site featuring college-age men living together in front of unblinking cameras.

The picketing began after Stan Arthur got home from work. Although Arthur began alone, other neighbors soon joined his picket line.

Arthur said he was unhappy to discover from a newspaper article that the Dude Dorm, which he called an "adult business" was immediately across from his condo. The Dude Dorm has to go, he said.

But Bruce Hammil and David Marshlack, partners in the Web site, say they're not going to go.

"It's our right to live here," Hammil said. "We're not hurting anyone."

The basic idea behind Dude Dorm is that subscribers to the Web site pay $24.95 a month to watch the guys live their daily lives. There's supposed to be no sex on camera, no drugs and no covering up cameras.

But everything else, from weightlifting to games of naked Twister, is shown.

The six University of South Florida students receive free tuition and free rent. They also receive a salary of between $500 and $600 a week. Three of the students are gay.

There lies the real problem with neighbors, Hammil said. Neighbors simply don't want gay guys living next door.