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Michigan Bulb Co. issues refund

Published Sep. 26, 2005

I ordered some plants from Michigan Bulb Co. and received them, but they did not come with adequate planting instructions. Within three days of receipt, I returned the Resurrection fern since it looked nothing like the picture. I never received any response.

In the meantime, I received another catalog and used the letter that came with it to write to the company to ask for either a refund or replacement plants since the ones I had received did not live up to the results promised. It was impractical to return the other plants because they were already planted in the yard and there was nothing to send back. Ann Conners

Response: Timothy Deloy, customer relations specialist with Michigan Bulb Co. in Grand Rapids, Mich., apologized that the plants you received did not meet with your approval. The company will issue a $35.18 credit to your credit card.

Merchandise return

I ordered a dolphin bracelet on Nov. 3 from Palm Beach International. After I received it, the bracelet came apart. I called the company and was told that under its lifetime satisfaction policy, the bracelet would be repaired or replaced. I was instructed to return the item insured, which I did on Nov. 6.

Following is a rundown of my attempts to get the promised repair or replacement.

On Nov. 23, I called Palm Beach International and was told there was no record of the bracelet having been returned. On Dec. 8, there was still no record. Same thing on Dec. 23.

I was told to contact the post office, which I did. The post office said I would have to file claim form 1000, but that a claim could not be submitted without the company filling in the vendor's section.

On Dec. 28, I sent form 1000 to Palm Beach International, return receipt requested. Today, Jan. 17, I called the company. Once again there is no record.

I don't have my bracelet and hours of my time have been wasted. My patience has run out. Perhaps Action can help me and also save others from having a similar experience. Joseph Klima Jr.

Response: Caryn Richards, customer care representative with Seta Corp. in Boca Raton, said the company filled out a postal claim form on Jan. 18 stating it had never received the bracelet you returned. The completed form was mailed to you the same day and the company called to let you know this.

All you have to do is have the post office process your claim and you will be reimbursed. She said it is fortunate that you insured the package, or you would have no proof it had been returned.

So the ball is back in your court, assuming you got the postal claim form that Seta Corp. mailed to you. As a reminder to readers, even if you do not insure merchandise you return, we urge you to get a merchandise return receipt in the event you need to prove you returned it.

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