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One Florida at a glance

Published Sep. 26, 2005

Gov. Jeb Bush's One Florida plan would:

+ Eliminate racial and gender set-asides in awarding state contracts. The governor already has signed an executive order directing state agencies to do so.

+ Encourage the development of minority businesses and reduce the bureaucracy for state certification of those businesses. Financial aid programs would be developed and state purchasing agents would become political appointments. Most of this would require legislative action to be implemented.

+ Eliminate race and ethnicity as a factor in state university admissions. Last year, 11.6 percent of the state's college freshmen were admitted using some form of preference, including race, ethnicity and artistic and athletic ability. While some universities have already changed their systems, the Board of Regents will make the final decision.

+ Guarantee state university admission to the top 20 percent of each high school graduating class, the "Talented 20" program that Bush says will increase minority enrollment. The regents are expected to vote on this in mid-February. The governor is also asking for $20-million increase in need-based financial aid programs, more advanced courses in low-performing schools and money so all 10th-graders can take the Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test. These initiatives would require money from the Legislature.

The governor has also established an Equity in Educational Opportunity Task Force to look at whether predominantly black or white schools get equitable funding. The panel also will look at whether minority-dominated schools are more likely to get less qualified teachers.