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Fair exhibits good science

Students at the Citrus Regional Science and Engineering fair show off their projects.

After weeks or, for some students, months of planning and experimenting, the time came Friday for the announcement of the winners in the 1999-2000 Citrus Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the Crystal River Mall.

The students wanted to know who among them had been chosen to go to Gainesville for the state competition. That information was saved for the end of the evening, along with the announcement of which two students would travel to the International Fair.

When the time arrived, 10 students each from the junior division, made up of middle school students, and the senior division, made up of high school students, were called to the stage and appointed to represent Citrus County at the state event.

Finally, two students from the senior division were selected to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair.

The junior division representatives headed to Gainesville are Jeremy Dalrymple, Central Catholic School; Avash Rao, Lecanto Middle; Paul Morrow, Crystal River Middle; Nisha Shah, Lecanto Middle; Priya Iyer, Central Catholic; Walter Howard, Inverness Middle; Niraj Nathan, Lecanto Middle; Stepani Prado, Lecanto Middle; Ashley Rawls, Inverness Middle; and Heather Biance, Inverness Middle.

The senior division representatives are: Amit Patel, Lecanto High School; Jeremy Brunsink, Academy of Environmental Science; Marshall Marcus, Citrus High; Amanda Lewis, Lecanto; Bret Biance, Citrus; Shital Patel, Lecanto; Nilesh Patel, Lecanto; Matthew Clark, Academy of Environmental Science; Rushi Patel, Lecanto; and Atal Patel, Lecanto.

Rushi Patel and Amit Patel were selected to represent Citrus in the international competition. Rushi will enter the botany category with his project Cultivar and Plant Regeneration and Transformation Protocol Effects on Crimson Clover, while Amit will enter his environmental sciences project Activation Analysis of Toxic Chemicals Found in Fish Muscle Tissue in Coastal Waters.

The Regional Science and Engineering Fair category winners were awarded trophies for first through third places; students who won honorable mention received ribbons.

These are the winners. (Note: The Citrus Times will publish a more complete list next week.)

Senior division

Behavioral and social sciences _ first place: Sally Lanigan, Citrus High School.

Biochemistry _ first place: Shital Patel, Lecanto High School; second place: Nilesh Patel, Lecanto; third place: Morgan Owen, Academy of Environmental Science.

Botany _ first place: Rushi Patel, Lecanto; second place: Hiral Patel, Lecanto; third place: Matthew Clark, Academy of Environmental Science; honorable mention: David Bowman, Lecanto.

Chemistry _ first place: Atal Patel, Lecanto.

Computer science _ first place: Naveen Bellam, Lecanto.

Earth and space science _ first place: Beth Prentice, Citrus.

Engineering _ first place: Ankoor Patel, Lecanto.

Environmental sciences - first place: Jeremy Brunsink, Academy of Environmental Science; second place: Amit Patel, Lecanto; third place: April Bedwell, Withlacoochee Technical Institute; honorable mention: Jennifer Hinkle, Academy of Environmental Science.

Mathematics _ first place: Rushil Rao, Lecanto.

Medicine and health _ first place: Marshall Marcus, Citrus.

Physics _ first place: Amanda Lewis, Lecanto; second place: Eric Stewart, Lecanto.

Zoology _ first place: Bret Biance, Citrus; second place: Pamela Humphries, Lecanto; third place: Miles McKinley, Academy of Environmental Science.

Team projects physical science _ first place: Jimmy Rodriguez and John Bonello, Lecanto.

Team projects life science - first place: Latoria Hollis and Lisa Clark, Academy of Environmental Science; second place: Mujiba Ansari and Heba Tajwar, Lecanto; third place: Jenn Stokes and Stacy Ficquette, Academy of Environmental Science.

Junior division

Behavioral and social sciences _ first place: Sarah Bushman, Inverness Middle School; second place: Brittany Bennett, Crystal River Middle School; third place: Mary Roberts, Inverness; honorable mention: Barbara Hawkins, Inverness.

Botany _ first place: Maggie Lanigan, Inverness; second place (tie): Michael Adams, Jr., Inverness, and Sarah Shah, Citrus Springs Middle School; third place: Kate Gage, Citrus Springs; honorable mention: Ryan Pearson, Crystal River; Heather Chang, Inverness; Pamela Ryman, Citrus Springs; Andrew Denny, Citrus Springs.

Chemistry _ first place: Ashley Rhodes, Crystal River; second place: Joshua Fong, Central Catholic School; third place: Michael Grillo, Crystal River; honorable mention: Patrick Clark, Cental Catholic.

Computer _ first place: Jeremy Dalrymple, Central Catholic; second place: Avash Rao, Lecanto Middle School; third place: Cari Flanagan, Crystal River; honorable mention: Zachary Alfson, Inverness.

Earth and space science _ first place: Paul Morrow, Crystal River; second place: Timothy Webb, Citrus Springs; third place: Jackie Tower, Crystal River.

Engineering _ first place: Danny Price, Crystal River; second place: Chadwick Wilcox, Crystal River; third place: Jordan Shapot, Citrus Springs; honorable mention: Stephen Soto, Citrus Springs; Jessica Garrison, Citrus Springs; and Vanessa Artan, Crystal River.

Environmental science _ first place: Nisha Shah, Lecanto; second place: Rachel Gelin, Inverness; third place: Garrett Neal, Inverness; honorable mention: Colleen Bennett, Crystal River and Joseph Huxley, Lecanto.

Mathematics _ first place: Rachel Pinkston, Inverness; second place: Ryan Kirby, Inverness; third place: Chris Stofcheck, Crystal River; honorable mention: Allison Hughes, Lecanto Middle.

Medicine and health _ first place: Walter Howard, Inverness; second place: Ruben Bradley, Lecanto; third place: Priya Iyer, Central Catholic; honorable mention: Emily Lyons, Crystal River and Ansari Zubair, Lecanto.

Physics _ first place: Stephanie Prado, Lecanto; second place: Niraj Nathan , Lecanto; third place: Philip Gelin, Inverness; honorable mention: Justin Michel, Citrus Springs, Darin McClain, Citrus Springs, Megan Hinman, Central Catholic, and Kenneth Rosenberg, Crystal River.

Zoology _ first place: Heather Biance, Inverness; second place: Ashley Rawls, Inverness; third place: Katie Gerber, Central Catholic. Honorable mention: Michelle Haney, Crystal River.

Team projects, life science _ first place: Leah White and Jacquelyn Boltin, Citrus Springs; second place: William Anderkin and Preston Daigle, Inverness; third place: Jackie Lombardo and Sabrina Smith, Inverness; honorable mention: Scott Watson and Evan Sabatula, Crystal River.

Team projects, physical science _ first place: Chad Goulet and Joseph Burnett, Central Catholic; second place: Christopher Ward and Allen Goodspeed, Central Catholic; third place: Trisha Adair and Natasha Vilchez-Herrador, Inverness; honorable mention; Tanya Williams and Courtney Frame, Central Catholic.

This year's Science and Engineering Fair was sponsored by Citrus County Schools, the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce and Florida Power Corporation. The Citrus County Education Foundation and the Crystal River Mall played host to the event.