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It takes a while, but it's worth the wait

It has been a while since we reviewed the ground rules for publication in Reader Exchange, so, since it is a new year, this may be an opportune time to refresh memories. Everything you need to know is really in the small print at the end of the column except for one thing, how long it will be before your request is printed.

Because we realize that each query is important to the person who sent it, we make an effort to see that most get into the column. Naturally, that means a bit of a backlog, which is especially obvious during winter and early spring when our northern residents are here. The typical lag time between receiving your letter and publishing it is about six weeks, so please keep that in mind as you check the column. Writing repeatedly will only slow the process farther.

With that reminder, let's turn back to the correspondence file and keep whittling away. Linda Tompkins Jones and her husband, of Bradenton, recently purchased a home with an older garage door-opening system, a Genie model 450. The former owners left only one remote control unit, and the new residents need a second, but, according to the Genie Co., compatible units are no longer available.

Should you have an extra remote for this unit, the Joneses would be delighted. Linda may be reached at home, (941) 792-5311, or work, (941) 926-8288, ext. 231.

Olga Fincher of Palm Harbor is searching for an Argus slide projector, circa 1950-60. She would like to view her family's 2,000 slides before having them placed on videotape. (The slides are in an Argus magazine, so that dictates her choice of projector model.)

The projector Olga needs is an Argus Automatic Slide Changer, made by Argus Cameras, Ann Arbor, Mich., magazine size 2\ by 2\ by 5{. It holds 36 slides. Olga's number is (727) 786-1574.

Does anyone still make braided rugs using old nylon stockings? asks Audrey Rochester of Seminole. She used to save old nylons for folks who turned them into rugs, but they are no longer doing so, and Audrey has developed a backlog. She has several small plastic bags of clean nylons, not pantyhose. Please give Audrey a call at (727) 391-7122 if you can use them.

Linda Hinton's office has outgrown her computer, and Linda is giving it to a disabled friend so that she can have free e-mail service. However, Linda doesn't have an extra monitor. If you have an older monitor you are no longer using, Linda's friend would appreciate it.

The machine is a 486 and would use a VGA or Super VGA monitor just fine. Please leave Linda a message at her office phone, (727) 787-2285.

Linda also is giving away a Cozy Coupe ride-in car for toddlers. Its wheels are split, but a handy person could repair them.

Laura Willis arrived in town from Canada and quickly realized that she had left her smocking dots at home. She would like to know if smocking dots can be purchased in the Clearwater/St. Pete area. Laura may be reached at (727) 539-7396.

Do you know how to do "needle punch" or "punch needle"? Then P. Moore of Redington Shores would like to hear from you. P. started a project years back and would like to return to it, but a little instruction will be needed first. To help out, call (727) 391-7861.

Charles Derer of Hudson has a home too richly stocked with cloth and yarn remnants that his wife is no longer able to use. There are about 40 pounds of material, not scraps but large pieces, and many kinds of cloth. He will deliver personally to someone living in or very near Hudson. Charles may be reached at (727) 863-1404.

Thank-you notes

Lucie Somers of Safety Harbor asks that we thank everyone who sent the greeting cards in answer to her request. She was bedazzled by the response and wants folks to know that the children receiving the cards will love all of you.

Another overwhelming response by readers was experienced by Geri Mosher of Pinellas Park and her mother. Mom needed yarn to make into lap robes for veterans and folks in nursing homes. So many calls came in that Mom probably will be kept busy for the rest of the year.

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, Home & Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731. Only questions of general interest will be answered. Requests will be accepted only by mail; no phoned requests, please.